Fluid Engineering

Fluid Engineering PTY LTD is proud to offer our Australian made ORNEL® FLOODLIFTER® Axial Flow Turbine Pumps. Our FLOODLIFTER® range of Axial Flow Turbine Pumps are custom built to suit each specific application. The FLOODLIFTER® is designed and built for efficient and reliable pumping. Quality materials and engineering practices are used to give every FLOODLIFTER® a long and trouble free service life. Every Axial flow pump is manufactured to an extremely high standard and as such we believe our product to be the best in the market.

Rapid 3D

Rapid 3D runs 3D printing services for those whose needs don’t justify an in-house printer or if you would like to try out the technology before buying your own printer or rapid prototyping machine. We currently have a choice of two printers available for print jobs, the ZPrinter 650 (Full Colour) and the Projet 3500 Plus for hard plastic parts.