About Us

A brief history of Brehnor Pumps

The company was formed in 2008 as a holding company for original data and designs of axial flow pumps and components, given to the company by Mr Hugh Nelson. The data includes all first principle calculations and drawings. This information has formed the basis of a complete range of pumps, from 150NB to 1200NB designed to meet a very exclusive market. Numerous improvements in the design have been made enabling the use of modern manufacturing processes with a major emphasis on 3D modelling and drawing.

A lot of effort has been put into the manufacture of impeller patterns from solid models, ensuring the accuracy of the pattern and consistency, with the impeller blades being identical to each other on the hub. Testing of models is on-going using a specially designed closed loop test rig and various impeller configurations printed in resin. The 3D files for the resin impellers can be altered and re-printed. By doing this, the most efficient combination of vane profile, chord length and profile angle can be determined before the pattern is made.

Mr Nelson was active in the pump industry from 1946 to around 2002, In particular, axial flow pump design. He had a major influence on the current designs of multi-stage axial flow pumps on the market today. In 2013, Brehnor Pumps combined resources with various manufacturing facilities and started producing complete axial flow pumps and spare parts for the pumps that are currently in operation that are based on the original design.

400NB 4 Blade 1 Stage Horizontal