Axial flow pump repair

Our facilities include a workshop dedicated to the repair of axial flow pumps. All spare parts are manufactured in-house, giving us an advantage regarding lead times and quality control. Our experienced staff have been working together in the axial flow pump industry for up to two decades with a combined knowledge base of over eight decades.

We are also able to repair most types of centrifugal and helical rotor pumps, having a long history of involvement in the design and manufacture of these machines. Future plans include a testing facility for in-house testing of repaired equipment. All spare parts are sourced from Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Design and drawing

A fully equipped design office is able to take on any design task that you may have. From concept to design and finally the production of working drawings. This includes system design and any related engineering requirements. All work is done using 3D modelling software which is compatible with most of the current modelling platforms.

Site work

On-Site testing of pumps using a GE Panametrics ultrasonic flow meter, system pressure testing and electrical consumption testing. All equipment is calibrated and test results finalised and handed over on site.


Brehnor has partnered with Rapid 3D as an extension of the design department to produce prototypes for various engineered components. Designs are submitted to Rapid 3D as solid models and printed in a variety of hard plastics for quick and cost effective prototyping.

3D Prototyping