Axial flow pump design and manufacture

Brehnor Pumps manufactures a complete range of single and multi-stage axial flow pumps from 200NB through to 900NB for low to medium head, high volume applications which include:

  • Transfer of large volumes of water from rivers and storage dams into irrigation systems
  • Raw water supply for potable water treatment plants
  • High volume product transfer in process plants
  • High yield borehole pumping
  • Features in water parks

Duties range from 30 litres per second at a head of 100 metres to 2000 litres per second at a head of 25 metres for the larger pumps. A full range of impellers from three blades up to eight blades across the range allow for pump selections for varying duties in between.

Pump supply

Ornel® axial flow pumps imported from Fluid Engineering in Australia complete the duties we are able to offer solutions for. Quality engineered products that are custom designed to suit any installation requirements. From 150NB through to 1200NB in size with flows of up to 4000 litres per second.

Spare parts

We are able to supply a complete selection of all spare parts for existing axial flow pumps that are based on the original Ornel® design.

A large inventory of wearing parts is currently available directly from Brehnor and any breakdowns where we don’t have stock will be given priority treatment ensuring shortest turnaround times.

900NB 7 Blade 1 Stage 45 Degree
Brehnor Axial Flow Pumps

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